About Us

The Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian Law College is managed by CSITA Karnataka Central Diocese and BCWCLC is a pioneer in introducing legal education exclusively for women to instill values for meeting the needs of justice in the society.

The College was inaugurated on 14th July 2002 and is offering Courses such as
    •   BBA.LL.B ( 5 year Integrated Law Course )
    •   LLB ( 3 year Course )

Smt. Shiny Harsha a visionary with positivistic zealous approach took over as the Principal of the College with effect from 27-Aug-2016.

History at a glance

The only Law College in Bengaluru imparting Legal Educationexclusively for women, to instill the values of the cause of women more in the minds of young girls and empower them.This exclusive and unique Institution was established in the year 2002.

The Pedigree of the College speaks of its highness. The Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian Law College is an offshoot of the Prestigious and world renowned Bishop Cotton School which found its establishment in the year 1865. The Chaplain of St. Mark’s Cathedral Rev. Samuel Taylor Pettigrew started the School and named it “Bishop Cotton School” in honour of the illustrious Bishop Edward Lynch Cotton of Calcutta. Rev.Dr.G.U.Pope, a distinguished and eminent Tamil Scholar took over and prescribed the Motto: NEC DEXTRORSUM NEC SINISTRORSUM. The School came under the jurisdiction of the then Bishop in Madras.

In 1907 the Brotherhood of St. Peter of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (S.P.G) stepped into;clothe themselves with the responsibility of running the School. In 1911 the School was bifurcated and the Girl School moved to Stafford House. The Church of South India came into existence in 1947 and both the School came under its jurisdiction. The Diocese of Mysore was one of the C.S.I. Dioceses. In 1970, the Diocese of Mysore was trifurcated and the School came under the purview of the Karnataka Central Diocese. In 1985, the Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian Degree College came into existence and in 1999, they moved into the present beautiful campus.

The year 2002 marked the grand birth of Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian Law College. The Bishop in Karnataka Central Diocese the Rt. Rev. Dr. Prasana Kumar Samuel is the Chairman of the Board of Management. Prof. Dr. Indirani K. S. is the PrincipalIn charge of Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian Law College.

Recognition, Affiliation and Management

The CSITA Karnataka Central Diocese, Headquarters at Bengaluru, has under its Umbrella 23 Educational Institutions. The BISHOP COTTON WOMEN’S CHRISTIAN LAW COLLEGE is one amongst them. This Law College is recognized by the Government of Karnataka, affiliated to the Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi, approved by the Bar Council of India and managed by the Board of Management of the Karnataka Central Diocese of the Church of South India. The College fits within a hole in the Church of South India Trust Association.


The Law College has its wonderful building in the C. S. I. Compound, Bangalore. It is provided with a well equipped library, a classically designed moot court hall, a posh Auditorium, a self contained staff room, spacious class rooms and a computer lab.

The Motto

NEC DEXTRORSUM NEC SINISTRORSUM is the Latin equivalent of the words “Neither to the right nor to the left”. These words are found in the Bible in Deuteronomy 5:32 were spoken to Israelites by Moses with the implication that they should strictly abide by the commandments of the Lord. Later this command was given to Joshua, the leader of Israelites, by the Lord Himself (Joshua 1:7) implying steadiness, steadfastness and straightforwardness which qualities are vitally expected of a leader. This motto depicts integrity of a leader. This motto also depicts integrity and determination, themost essential tools for the legal profession.

The Shield and the Crest

The Emblem of the College is the Crest of Bishop Cotton of Calcutta. The Crest on the College Shield is that of the family of Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton, of Calcutta. The Crest is divided vertically down the centre. On the right side (Dexter) of the Crest, (Left side as we look at it) are found Arms of the Bishopric of Calcutta, namely Bishop’s Mitre (Head Dress), the Bishop’s Stalk and the Open Bible. The Left side (sinister) of the Crest (right side as we look at it) contains the Arms of the ancient house of Cotton of Comber mere in England to which Bishop Cotton belonged.

The white ‘8’ shaped figures are skeins of Cotton which represent their line of work. The inverted V-shaped Chevron represents a distinguished service in Military. Thus, the Crest symbolizes the godliness, work,service and courage which a student of Law is to be adorned with.